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Carrington Pool[RARE]
Whooooooo Shady.............

I used to be a man but now im a boy i used to treat my paddleing pool like it was a toy.
But know im a bit more older i see what it is, its like a fucking pair on conjoint simese twins twinnnns.
One Day my mother said to me "why dont you ever play outside"
i used to crawl under my pool and hide
i used to weath and duck to avoid her but then my friend carrington came and destroyed her,
i used to this he was a dude but then he became orfully so rude.
He used to say "Oi Marshell go back to bed your not wanted no more"
so i packed up my pool and snuck out of my living room it was dark and fuzzy and i counldnt see a boom
i looked into the window and saw christiphor reades he was taunting me and laughing at mee
so i took out my pool and hit him over the head i told him to go to my house and go under my bed.
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