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Oh No
Uh no, what is happening to my brain, I can’t believe this is happening again.

Verse 1:
Lava out my lips I flips, wait I think I have a cramp/
I’m trying to shove the lava lamp up my fathers ass/
I think I’m out of gas man, I need another mask/
I’d ask my mother but I think she’s laughing at the plant/
A half a gram of Graham Crackers and some bandy camps/
I think I’ll eat some ? like the candy yams/
Cut a couple cadavers up and have a snack/
Abracadabra mother fucker, look who’s fucking back/
Just like a pendulum, Satan’s pentagram swings/
I accidently dented it and bent the damn thing/
Shit I think I might of did it when I was dancing/
When I was chopping one of my legs of when I pulled a hamstring/
First I re-up then I relapse, go to rehab/
Then I Detox after I see doc then I’ll be back/
With the sequel, repeat the cycle/
‘Cause I react like the Seahawk when I see Nyquil.

Uh no/
Here we go again/
I don’t know/
When its going to end/
Uh whoa/
Where did it begin/
So long ago/
May be way back then/
Uh no.

Verse 2:
And to the well baby Jessica fell/
She may have wetted herself/
Quit playing get her some help/
Mary Kayler Turner was sending me letters from jail/
Everyday in journal saying how she wanted to smother me in lettuce and milk/
I’m the medicine man, my medical marijuana/
Was prescribed by a doctor, shove the entire fighter up her/
Perez Hilton’s ass, shit I almost forgot that/
He’s always shoving something up his ass, so why not that/
And fuck it, while I’m venting let’s shove a vending machine/
Up his rear end when he’s bending over pretending that he/
Didn’t say anything that would be offending to me/
Stick his head in a blender, begin blending and gee/
Where should I put the pink sissy with the fluffy hair/
Put him under the stairs, people are already under there/
Hmm, I wonder where, wait I think the cupboard’s bare/
Stuff up in the Tupperware and shove him up in there.

Uh no/
Here we go again/
I don’t know/
When its going to end/
Uh whoa/
Where did it begin/
So long ago/
May be way back then/
Uh no.

Verse 3:
Vicodin's like a nitrogen hydrogen vitamin/
I bite into five and then I get high as a kite again/
I like it when I get in my zone on the mic again/
Who am I kidding', I couldn't quit this shit if my life depends/
I relapsed twice after I came outta Brighton then/
Yeah rehab's nice, I have my name up in light again/
You see that's why, I can't decipher what life I'm in/
I might pull a knife on your wife and slice her then dice her then/
It sounds so enticing' isn't it nice when I'm hype again/
On nights when I'm like this, no time to write this just type it in/
If I could get my pen to slow down, what did I write just then/
Man I'm about to hyperventilate, I just have hyper tension/
I have the type of mental state you couldn't comprehend/
When usually stupid of you for you to think I'm your friend/
I usually do what I do and suffer no consequence/
I offer no mercy, the controversy is once again/

Uh no/
Here we go again/
I don’t know/
When its going to end/
Uh whoa/
Where did it begin/
So long ago/
May be way back then/
Uh no.
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песния заебиси..ето должно бы было на Релапсе


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