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It's Been Real (Outro)
It's Been Real (Outro)

Thanks, it's been real,
I love you but I just can't deal,
with the stress this game is giving me,
but before I go you know,
I can't close this show with out no closure so before I leave

Yeah, I just wanna take the time out now man to basically say, rest in peace to DeShaun Holton, that's my heart man. Dr Dre, for giving me the opportunity, just to even listen to me and to get me to this point. I wanna thank Jimmy Iovine, Interscope, Aftermath, everybody at the whole Shady staff, everybody who's basically supported me from day 1, Paul Rosenberg, Tracy McNew, you know I love you guys I couldn't do it without you. D12, Cashis - yout gon' be a beast when you get out there man, trust me homie, my ears don't lie to me. Who else am I forgetting? Oh yeah, Obie Trice, Bobby Creekwater and basically, man, the whole city of Detroit, 8 Mile road, for making me what I am today. Which basically goes back to Proof and D12, I love you guys man. Runyon Ave for holding me down when shit got thick.. Oh, wouldn't be complete if I didn't thank my mum, bitch ha so..

(Fading out)
Thanks, it's been real,
I love you but I just can't deal,
with the stress this game is giving meeeeee
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