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Classic Shit
Eminem Feat. Stat Quo - Classic Shit

Nowadays everybody just wanna poke there nose in our business
what is this some kinda joke
everywhere I go all I’m hearing is more talk
What’s up with Jada and Fat Joe?
Doin’ a song with ol’ boy on the song “New York”,
man I thought you just did a song with them both?”
man the streets wanna know how you gonna go and diss Michael
you should get your ghetto pass revoked
I never had no ghetto pass you asshole
you really wanna know when I did live in the ghetto
I kept a trespassing charge up at the railroad tracks
so I suggest you get your facts straight before you go
this assuming u know
I aint grow up in no trailer park just cause I was poor
man this is my testimony to those that don’t know
man it felt like they do
if not to feel compelled to go and speak on me too.
So this d-ck goes to you and this d-ck goes to you
and if you feel like you want it you can get it too
and when your through pass it to the person next to you
hey yo Stat get on the Mic and come and spit a few
[Stat Quo]
Muthaf-ckers so quick to spit bullsh-t
Stat Quo who’s this
Em gave me the assist shorty got a full
standing in the pulpit, A – Town misfit
reppin dat south sh-t
back for
Losing patience wanna get on chasing for this
taking all my energy
tired of waiting people faking fronting like they kin to me
when they really enemies
give a f-ck what it is cause
this what it gonna be,
shady aftermath lately
GMN baby
young n-gga out them projects
hospital freda’s only baby
n-ggas biting my style get rabies
f-ck you pay me
eat a cock swallow sh-t
and plus you aint f-cking with this
so don’t trip ha ha
what an incredible twist
i write incredible script
that fit in with the plot it’s endless
now testify to this
let it bang when you hear, this is classic sh-t
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